Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to the game, here are a few tips:

  • Enemies move up and down slower than left and right.
  • When being surrounded by a lot of enemies, instead of holding down the move keys to go fast, keep tapping them so everything moves slower, giving you more time to analyze the situation.
  • When dealing with "special" enemies, it is easier if you hold down the move keys, so you move away faster... as they don't rely on your movement.
  • When coming up to a point in the game where lot's of enemies will spawn (See: Enemy Spawning) it is better to move slowly, so you can see where they spawn and what to do, instead of having them rush at you right away.
  • Try and make all of the enemies phase into each other, this will make it easier to avoid being killed.
  • Each time you start, everything (excluding the player) is randomly placed/generated.
  • The game technically goes on forever, but enemies don't keep spawning after a certain point. (See: Enemy Spawning)
  • There is more than one type of enemy in the game. (See: Enemy List)